This course will be taught by Blockchain Architecture industry expert.

The industry expert has been in the Blockchain field for more than 5 years. Throughout this course, there will be theory and practical lessons. With the help of this diploma, you are able to create your own coins from scratch and understand the Blockchain Architecture effortlessly.


Who Should Attend

Business Owners & CEO

Head of Organization, Departments & Managers

Computer Science or Engineering Students

IT Developers and programmers

Senior Executives

University Graduates

Why Choose Us

1st Diploma of Blockchain Program offered by Malaysian university
Convocation ceremony awards at University Malaysia Pahang (UMP)
Taught by Local & Overseas Blockchain Industry Expert
Best price in the industry
Flexibility of tuition fee payment (EPF withdrawal & monthly payment)

Course Learning Objectives

Understand what blockchain is as well as how it works and develops.
Learn various use cases for blockchain and how to choose the proper blockchain system for your customer’s needs.
Validate your knowledge with the industry-leading blockchain architecture certification.
Demonstrate some of the immediate blockchain applications in technology, busines, enterprise products and institutions.


Course Outline

Introduction to Blockchain Engineering

• Introduction to Blockchain
• Governance and Consensus
• Immutability
• Transperancy
• Blockchain Security 

Future of Blockchain in Engineering Applications

• Blockchain Prospects
• Blockchain Use Cases 
• Supply Chain Management
• Data Management
• Integrity Verification

Cryptography and Hashing in Blockchain Engineering

• Symmetric & Assymmetric Cryptographic
• Hashing Algorithms
• Digital Certificate
• Hash Functions
• Identity & Access Managements

The Advancement of the Blockchain Technology

• Blockchain vs Conventional System 
• Bitcoin Blockchain
• Bitcoin Blockchain Transaction
• Bitcoin Wallets
• Bitcoin Network Nodes
• Mining 

Networking Platform in Blockchain Engineering

• Ethereum Overview
• Ethereum Fundamentals
• Gas in Ethereum
• Ethereum Framework
• Ethereum Ecosystem
• DAPPs and DAOs

Decentralize Authorization in Blockchain Engineering

• Smart Contracts Overview
• Develop Smart Contracts Environment
• Deploying Smart Contracts
• Private Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain Adoption Through Global Open Source Collaboration

• Introduction of Hyperldeger
• Hyperledger Fabric
• Hyperledger Composer
• Software Requirement
• Ledger Implementation

Blockchain in Energy Efficiency: Potential Applications and Benefits

• Transformation of the Energy Industry
• Peer-to-peer energy trading
• Integration with Existing Systems

Application of Blockchain in Future Mobility

• Blockchain Based Car-Sharing Platform
• Blockchain-Powered Ride Hailing
• Cryptotransport

Application of Blockchain in Manufacturing

• Supply Chain Management
• Digital Product Memory
• Internet of Thing
• Industry 4.0 applications
• Verification of spare parts

Our Team

Effendy Zulkifly

Blockchain Architect

Effendy Zulkifly is the CEO of Blockworq the Blockchain Solution company based in Cyberjaya. He also Co-Founder of Crypto Valley Malaysia Association that registered under Registry of Societies Malaysia as advance technology chamber on June 2018 with Blockchain Technology as the enabler for Industry 4.0.

There are several blockchain companies under his advisory for technology stack development and community building such as MEXC Fintech (Singapore), PayHalal Fintech (Malaysia), Lokalize (Philippines), Orbi Network (Switzerland), Blockchain Connectors (France) and OoLi E-Commerce (Canada).

Currently Effendy is the Principal of Maishince Academy for IR4.0 program modules. He will provide guidance to the academy’s network of industry leaders and bring those industry leaders to collaborate with the academy.

Koh How Tze

Blockchain Expert

Koh How Tze, an entrepreneur with a Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) from UTM, Skudai, Malaysia, had been serving clients from retail and servicing industry since the dinosaur age of the internet. He started his career as a programmer working on Web Based Retail Management System, during an era where people are still using dial-up connections with 56k modem (the fastest that time) to go “online”. He witnesses how the ICT industry and the internet grew from DOS based system to the modern days’ mobile system, to what it is today.

He is also the author of “Blockchain Insider”; books which explained all things related on blockchain, ledger technology and cryptocurrencies.

Everything you need to know about Professional Diploma in Blockchain Engineering


Upon successful completion and grading of the course, participants will receive Certification of Professional Diploma.
During MCO, the class will be conducted via Video Conference. While in normal condition, we will conduct a normal face-to-face class.
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